Steering Committee

Steering Committee members represent the following local entities:

  • County Commission
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Oil/Gas Industry
  • Job Development Authority
  • Tri Township Board of Supervisors
  • Alexander Township Board of Supervisors
  • Sioux Township Board of Supervisors
  • Grail Township Board of Supervisors
  • Blue Butte Township Board of Supervisors
  • Arnegard Township Board of Supervisors
  • Watford City Council
  • Watford City Mayor
  • Arnegard Mayor
  • Alexander Mayor
  • County Departments
  • Workforce Housing Representatives

The Steering Committee is critically important to the success of the Comprehensive Plan Update. The Committee serves in the following roles:


Each member is included because each provides a unique viewpoint within McKenzie County. Each member has extensive knowledge of the community, interest in its future, and is willing to help create a new vision for the County.


The committee provides perspective and insight on information gathered as well as feedback on draft elements of the Plan Update. At the same time, the committee will not be asked to be a planners or writers; rather, a sounding board for the citizens of McKenzie County.


Over the course of the plan’s preparation members will be introduced to new ideas about growth and development, demographic trends, and other information. Members may also come across other ideas that they may want to share with the rest of the committee and staff support team—ideas that may have merit for McKenzie County.


During the course of the plan’s development, steering committee members will act as a resource and committee representative at public workshops. Members will be asked to review public workshop materials and to interpret workshop results.